Website Protection Site Scanner

Website Protection Site Scanner

Daily scans identify vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit to deface your website, steal information or infect your customers. The seal means that your site is free of critical vulnerabilities and won’t exploit your valued customers. Your visitors will have confidence that your site is safe when they see the Website Protection seal.

Website Protection Seal


Identifies website vulnerabilities…

Daily scans check for over 3,000 vulnerabilities – inspecting forms, input fields and internal and external links – identifying places where a hacker could inject malicious code. Site Scanner also checks Google® Safe Browsing daily to verify that your site has not been “blacklisted” for inadvertently spreading viruses and spyware.

Better protection at a lower price…

Dollar for dollar, Site Scanner is the most cost-effective website scanner on the market. It not only scans your website daily, but tells you how to fix whatever it finds. Plus it comes with a hotline for FREE expert help with anything you can’t easily fix yourself. Compare and save!

only $4.99/month